Did the Illuminati Kill Aaliyah??? (Secret REVERSED message in her last song)

Watch the WHOLE video.. It may seem crazy and far fetched but truth is stranger than fiction.. Have an open mind!

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5 Responses to “Did the Illuminati Kill Aaliyah??? (Secret REVERSED message in her last song)”

  1. Rhythm Baroda says:

    wow super cool dude. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. dont think its funny, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. rush it here –> bit.ly/14MfugN?=tkyvoe

  2. Tribe Judah says:

    wrong. God , Jesus and the holy spirit are not angels…… angels are much less than God.

  3. Kina Kazure says:

    three angels, God, Jesus, and the Holy spirit

  4. Nova Kane says:

    9:12 man stares behind Aaliyah with “Illuminati Eye”

  5. vasiliouss says:

    i am not an atheist i am a Christian orthodox(χριστιανος ορθοδοξος) so don’t tell me about religion you don’t know anything have you ever come to agio oros at Greece??there is the center of Christianity so dont tell me that i dont know

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