The Natalie Wood Sacrifice? Part 1 (1/2)

In this video we expose Natalie Wood’s murder investigation resurrection as the Elite’s next distraction and give reasons why we think she was sacrificed. We compare her death to those of other known sacrifices (Aaliyah, Former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.) We also expose another distraction: Occupy Wall Street.

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25 Responses to “The Natalie Wood Sacrifice? Part 1 (1/2)”

  1. jeremiah clivestone says:

    If you haven't you should cover the murder of Senator Paul Wellstone, possibly in the same manner as flight T-800.

  2. jeremiah clivestone says:

    If anything, shouldn't Damon Dash have been killed as Aaliyah's blood sacrifice? Or is it that females are not allowed in upper ranks of satanic illuminati, or freemasonic organizations…

  3. jeremiah clivestone says:

    One question occurs to me about Aaliyah death.. Aren't the illuminati all about maintaining their widespread control, degrading and brainwashing the population, and getting rich off of everyone elses work? A big part is maximizing profits, right? So why would they murder Aaliyah as a blood sacrifice for Damon Dash? They could have banked on Aaliyah for years and years, and turned her into a mind control pawn like Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, etc.. Who the fuck is Damon Dash? Some asshole businessman..

  4. floreta buzzell says:

    I would like you make a video about aaliyah because some people feel she was a victim.
    What are feelings about it and have you seen anything else that you was strange?

  5. Alissa M says:

    how do u download it?

  6. LordTextus says:

    Saw a TV movie about Natalie Wood yesterday, spooky.

  7. Maurice Chandelier says:

    Natalie's mother predicted that she would drown in "dark water".

  8. gypsychord says:

    water is very significant because it represents Bathometh the demonic entity of their worship die in water in the name or for Bath a body of water remember Whitney "died in a bath tub"

  9. alex delarge says:

    and there is a part 2 . lulz. oh me oh my

  10. alex delarge says:

    way too p-noid.. evoking god with # is actually a sin in itself . you are a funny one. this video deals with about 2 seconds of ms. woods. as with most of these shorts you make . nice effort but your msg is redundant with all your videos . best place for you is to hide in the church , wait they are corrupt devils too. way too much time on your hands man.

  11. feeble49 says:

    i'm all one for investigating the illuminati, but this video just pisses me off. it's meant to be about natalie wood and you go on more so about aaliyah and ted stevens? i know they're meant to prove the point but you went so far from the point… plus, the fact that natalie's death involved water isn't proof, maybe i killed her because i drink water, maybe the hindus did it because they worship the 4 elements, one of which is water… conspiracy… get more solid evidence

  12. Latonya McCAIN says:

    man this is deep I was thinking about Former sen, Ted Stevens , where did sarah palin come from . if you think about she came right after he died and became a big distraction for the upcoming pre, election that year man  ty for the info

  13. Buddy Peters says:

    in any evelavator or shopping mall..

  14. dylan tyndale says:


  15. Deah92fooeee says:

    Your videos are kind of slow there was a lot of unnecessary long pauses with the black screen i literally skipped my way through it maybe you should re-edit the video. It was just annoying and i'm sorry i had to say it.

  16. royalnash1 says:

    notice how aaliyahs eyes change color in the if your girl only knew video

    people into witchcraft tend to able to do that after they perfect the spell with practicing it

  17. royalnash1 says:

    i use to wonder why aaliyah covered one of her eyes

  18. royalnash1 says:

    whitney houston was in a bathtub when she died hmmmm maybe this all isnt a coincidence

  19. royalnash1 says:

    clive davis that sweet old man would not do such things

  20. royalnash1 says:

    wow i didnt know lefteye lopez held clive davis at gunpoint

    this is the first time i heard about this i think your lying

  21. royalnash1 says:

    the question is can witchcraft have something to do with these deaths is it possible that witchcraft is real and that powerful

    witchcraft is a taboo subject in america

  22. CandidculoHQ says:

    He told me a while ago that he uses Windows Movie Maker.

  23. Marozia Teasdale says:

    Truth777exposed – Again I refer you to the ritual sacrificial months of February, May, August & November as outlined in "The Divine King in England" (Margaret Murray). I come from an Illuminati family (which I resisted, and therefore cut off) so I know about specific days, times, months, numbers, etc,. Your videos are fantastic. Keep them coming. Wake up everyone!!

  24. DaftAida says:

    Damon Dash; didn't he do well? Sickening Me-Jah! coverage on 10th anniversary of her death. Seems to me, as with the case of Tupac and Whitney Houston, those placed to 'carry the flame' of fame in their places are no-talent, no looks, no hopers. There's no other option but to stay in that game and pay the price of fame through somebody else's life/light.Big thanks for Senator Stevens expose'-here in UK didn't know about this but all about weather warfare/HAARP which is being ramped up here.

  25. DaftAida says:

    I looked into Left Eye Lopez and it reminded me of Sharon Tate's 'countdown to ecstacy' in that in the week preceding her decapitation, her handler/husband recorded highlights of their time in London when she was like a regressed child which reminded me of Anne Nicole Smith, too. Lopez had balls, having held Clive Davis at gunpoint over unpaid dues. Her last week 'retreat' was like a confessional. Another MO: 'famous last words' and the scene in the car with the mobile phones? Whitney Houston.

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